Italy really is an A-list destination for wedding ceremonies. Stars as like Kim Kardashian and George Clooney chose to tie the knot in this beautiful country, and who can blame them? With stunning landscapes, food and wine, Italy has a little something for everyone, and can provide the perfect backdrop to any wedding. Whether in the Tuscan hills, the romantic setting of Verona, or the bright lights in the capital of Rome, Italy is truly a destination to consider if you are planning a wedding abroad.

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The choice can sometimes seem overwhelming when there are so many options. Fortunately, we are here to help you a with a touch of inspiration that will make you go weak at the knees knowing that you can have everything you would ever need to make your Italian wedding as special as possible. One things for sure: when you’re planning a wedding abroad you want to make sure you have a helping hand from someone who knows the area like the back of their hand; someone who can help your wedding go as smoothly as possible.

LeccEventi wedding & event planner is based in Puglia, Italy’s most Southern region that is famous for it’s white sandy beaches and picturesque fishing towns. This tailor-made wedding planning company has been making dreams come true since 2007, with exclusive weddings for destination wedding couples.With their talented hands, designing the whole event according to your personality, as well as co-ordinating the event and your guests – you really cannot go wrong!

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You can get married absolutely anywhere in Italy (and the rest of the world), with the help of Dalila Azzerra Giordano and her talented team at the D.A.G. Wedding Planner agency. With her help, you can discover Venetian villas, Tuscun vineyards, ancient Roman ruins… all of which can be the backdrop for your dreamy Italian wedding. This wedding planning team adapts accordingly to each and every couple, and will make your planning process a whole lot easier. D.A.G Wedding Planner offers additional services too, such as the organisation of the marriage proposal, a personal shopper service, beach weddings, honeymoon organisation and the reception and transportation of the guests.

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Based in Lake Como, Il Pavone Bianco is a wedding planning company based in the north of the country, and they are an ideal candidate to choose, should you want to be in safe hands. Experts in local cuisine and venues, they will ensure your wedding is authentic, memorable and truly beautiful. They emphasise the importance of local catering and traditional Italian food, which, to us, sounds delicious! Their philosophy is that anything imaginable is possible. They encourage you not to put barriers on your imagination, all to ensure that you don’t have to compromise on the wedding of your dreams. Ensuring everything is personal to your needs and requirementsll Pavone Bianco is experienced, trained and guaranteed to give you the perfect wedding.

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Another option based in Sacile, is GAP Eventi. Experienced in wedding planning and passionate about traditional Italian touches, Gap Eventi pride themselves on being detail oriented and collaborating with you to ensure that the wedding lives up to the dreams you have created for your big day. Using authentic sources, they will make sure that everything from your hair to the venue is perfectly organised for the smoothest and most enjoyable day for you.

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Now let’s get into the subject of Venues. There is so much choice here, enough to make you want to plan two or three different occasions! However, we are on hand to help you narrow down your search with our top picks:

If you are looking to tie the knot in the country’s bustling and bright capital, our top choice is the Gran Melià Rome. Described as a luxury hotel in the heart of the eternal citythe Grand Meliá Rome boasts pools, views, a spa and luscious gardens, all while being within walking distance to many of the city’s main attractions – just a five-minute walk from the Vatican! Not to mention the top-quality dining – these guys put food first. Their highly qualified staff are on hand to ensure that every request is not only met, but also completely customised to you. With menus inspired by Italian and Mediterranean cuisine,this place not only looks, but tastes amazing.

Photo: Gran Melià Hotel

Park Hotel Villa Grazioli, is a 16th Century villa overlooking the ancient city of Rome. Stunning views, beautiful architecture and magnificent works of art – this place looks like it has jumped straight out of a dream! The Villa also offers a small wedding package to help you to make your wedding dreams a reality! The package includes frescoed rooms for the symbolic/civil official ceremony, a four-course lunch or dinner with local wine for 2 as well as an additional one night in a Charme Deluxe double room with breakfast. To be surrounded by the historic building and overlooking the bright lights of the city is truly a lovely image.

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Photo: Park Hotel Villa Grazioli

However, if you want to get out of the hustle and bustle of the capital, check out what Villa Balke has to offer. This place is practically designed to help you turn the fantasy in your head into a reality. The focus here is the high-class dining and service experience. Nothing is too much for these guys. The villa is equipped for receptions with its own private beach. Also boasting spacious and bright interiors with views over the Gulf of Naples, with the Mediterranean gardens and huge terrace with its own swimming pool – it’s truly spectacular. It’s not difficult to imagine hosting the perfect wedding here. The marriage of music, landscape and authentic Italian cuisine is as much of a perfect match as you and your partner.

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Photo: Villa Balke

Il Castello Borghese is a venue like no other. The castle itself is dated back to the 16th Century; magnificent to behold, while at the same time being a cosy and silent retreat. It boasts both wide gardens and extraordinary terraces and views of the sea. Placed in the amazing natural reserve and mapping along the coast for 11,000 square feet, the castle is part of the furniture of the landscape, amongst the stunning views of the region. There is a choice of indoor and outdoor dining experiences for your big day, and everything is customisable for you to ensure that the wedding is designed with you in mind.

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Photo: Il Castello Borghese

Now – you really do need to think about what food is going to live up to the stunning Italian views you have chosen. There’s nothing quite like Italian cuisine, and when you’re locating your wedding in the midst of this culinary world, you’re spoiled for choice. Here are a couple of our suggestions to kick things off:

Colasanti Catering truly strives to place you and your desires at the heart of the operation, placing significant care and attention to designing menus and ensuring it guarantees and lives up to the expectations not only of the bride and groom but also of their hosts. Not only this, but they will help you find the most suitable location for your party! They truly understand the importance of a perfect marriage between menu and venue. Not only this, but the staff is composed only of professional maîtres and waiters that are careful and diligent in ensuring the smooth running of the event, working with sincere professionalism and care.

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Le Voila Banqueting are the ones to talk to if you want to make sure every step of the process is designed to meet your needs. They pride themselves on their services which make the most important moments and anniversaries of your life special, and unforgettable. Offering ‘A crescendo of tastes and scents that will delight both your eyes and palate’, they truly know what they are doing. With 20 years of experience, Le Voila Banqueting commits itself to being able to produce the most beautiful and successful dining experiences. They understand that being able to strike the right balance of styles, tastes and locations is vital to creating the most beautiful day of your life.

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We hope that we have been able to give you enough inspiration to planning your perfect Italian wedding. By teaming together the right venue, staff, food and guests, you have the recipe to create something truly magical here. There really is no better place to tie the knot – we are sure that it won’t take too much persuading to convince your significant other about a wedding abroad, and with choices like this – why would it!

I have always dreamt of having my wedding abroad, but people have always considered this as a very weird idea. The typical questions I had to hear were: ‘Is it going to be only the two of you?”, “Is it not too expensive?”, “Is it not too boring?”. Today I am going to show you what Destination Wedding is and whom is it for.

Personally I have always found getting married abroad very romantic and a perfect fit for my passion for traveling as well. You don’t even have to organise the honey moon as it is already included! Yes, it’s true, sometimes it could mean that it’s just the two of you but what is a marriage if not a journey that you make in two? However, lately this has become a real trend and there are many venues all around the world that are now ready to offer a perfect and romantic wedding reception to welcome your best and closest guests.

Photo by: Dollydrop

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The wedding packs include: the decorations, the ministrant, the makeup artist, the hair stylist, the photographer and whatever you might need on the special day. The price for a full inclusive pack could be around €20,000, which is not that bad if you consider all the services you receive.

Based on the country and city you choose, we can then look for venues where you have plenty of original wedding proposals to select, like for example Las Vegas which offers bespoke locations or special walks along the aisle as in the case of this bride in Polynesia:

Photo by:

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And for those of you who cannot make it without their family and friends, there is always the option of choosing a closer destination somewhere in Europe where you can invite your dearest ones, whilst when you go for more exotic places you can go as a couple and then organise a ceremony when you are back. You can get married in a Caribbean Island and then celebrate with your beloved ones on your return home with a symbolic ceremony that recreates the same atmosphere.

The challenge of this type of wedding is indeed in organising everything from far away and in these cases more than ever is fundamental having a Wedding Planner who can provide their expertise and can take care of all the papers needed for your wedding to be recognised also in Italy.

By clicking on this link you’ll find only some of the myriad destinations that I can cover with my agency:

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I hope this article was helpful.

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My dear brides, today we’ll talk about design and in particular about the many ways you have to decorate the swimming pool.

There are plenty of venues that have an outdoor pool and we can’t always use it to make a big splash! So, let’s see how we can then use that corner in the best way possible and make it useful and suggestive.

Here some ideas:

Big balloons can be weighted and anchored to the pool so that they look like they are floating in air. If you wish to make them even more in theme with the colours of your wedding, you could cover them with a coloured veil.

Photo by: Brit Morin

Petals can be scattered on the water, maybe in a colour in contrast with the light blue of the pool water, or you could use some flower spheres. I personally think that topiary art is the best if you want to have a sophisticated and impactful effect.

Photo by: Wedding forward

Photo by: Offbeat bride

Another way of using flowers could be a floating decoration, where you can also set some candles.

Photo by:

Photo by: WeddingWire

Photo by:

The floating letters give you the chance to write whatever you like. They are quite big in size therefore usually they are used to write the initials of the bride and the groom or something very special as in this example.

Photo by: Evii Gualdron

Lightning is used more and more often in weddings and there are now so many special effects that you can obtain with them, of which I might talk to you about in the next blogs. In this particular case, the lights are used to recreate a special picture or text of your choice, at the bottom of the pool.

Photo by: WeddingWire

I hope I helped you a little bit with some tips and ideas on pool decoration.

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Today I am going to let you discover a centuries-old practice which is one of most spiritual and perhaps still not well-known ceremonies of the civil wedding: the handfasting, tying the hands together.

Dating back to the time of the ancient Celts, a Handfasting is an old Pagan custom, celebrated in the rural areas of Ireland and Scotland when a priest was not available. It was originally more like an engagement period, where two people would declare a binding union between themselves for a year and a day. After that time goes by the couple could either split as if they had never been married or could decide to enter permanently into marriage with the christian ritual.

Nowadays it is legally recognised in some parts of the USA, the UK and Ireland, whilst in other countries is possible to ask for the presence of the civil officiant to validate the marriage, furthermore it is a ceremony that can be performed also for homosexual couples.

The bride and groom wrap their hands together with a cord that forms an infinity symbol to which the celebrant ties the 4 coloured ribbons, symbolising the 4 natural elements of Earth, Fire, Air and Water. This knot will have to create a figure 8 to represent infinity as it is the connection and devotion to one another.

Each colour has a different meaning and the bride and groom decide which ones they want to use for the ribbons based on the symbol they prefer to give.

These are the different colours:

  • orange: attraction, abundance
  • yellow: trust, harmony, balance
  • green: fertility, luck, health
  • light blue: stillness, patience
  • blue: longevity
  • brown: health, home
  • pink: love, happiness
  • red: passion, sensuality, desire
  • gold: wealth
  • silver: creativity, protection
  • grey: equilibrium
  • white: peace and serenity
  • black: success, pure love
  • violet: possess

The ritual ends with the couple jumping the broom as a symbol of their entrance into a new life together, leaving the past behind.

Photo by: Offbeat bride

The best way to celebrate this ceremony is being immersed in the nature, like in the woods or on the beach, and possibly at dawn or at sunset where both the sun and the moon are present. Furthermore, everyone should participate barefoot.

Photo by: green wedding shoes

Handfasting is a very particular ritual and it allows many different variations that can be customised to you; would you like to have it in your wedding?

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Getting married in a Villa is one of the most fabulous options you can choose, and if your goal is to live a fairy tale day then that is definitely the right venue for you.

One Italian region where you will find marvellous Villas is Veneto, which offers a vast variety of places that can add uniqueness, splendour and even some regality to your chic and evocative wedding.

Villas are usually known for the intimate and relaxed atmosphere they can bring to an event as they are a space which is fully reserved to you and a perfect option even in case of bad weather. They have indeed also indoors spaces available which are still elegant and cozy and remind of a fairy-tale. Furthermore, very often there is the possibility to use private areas as bedrooms and bathrooms, which can be very handy for the bride and groom and can be even used for the first night of the honeymoon.

This type of location also offers the opportunity to create different sets in order to suit many preferences. You can recreate romantic designs, a shabby one, a country chic… the gardens can be adorned with lanterns, flambeau trails, special and unique flowers or recreate a theme or a coloured set. And with the right lightning, you can give the whole place a completely new profile.

Last but not least, the Villas are perfect for a fabulous photo shooting, with the whole surrounding environment being the frame to your pictures from that day. The colours in the garden will contribute to create that magic atmosphere that you can live again every time you will look back at your pictures.

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We know that Christmas is the most wonderful and awaited time of the year. Just picture it: a light snowfall coming down, the entire magic atmosphere that recalls a fairy tale, the time spent with family, holidays… so why not having your dream come true at this time of the year and transform your wedding into a winter wonderland?

Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of choosing this time for your wedding.

Read on to see the best features that Christmas weddings have to offer!

  • Cheerfulness: we know that this time of the year is the best one to bring family and friends together under the same roof. Everybody is happier and more willing to celebrate. And because happiness is contagious, fun is guaranteed!

photo by: Tidewater and tulle
  • Season décor: not only does it add warmth, Christmas décor consists of nature and evergreens—an appropriate symbol for an ever-growing marriage! Decorate with holly or mistletoe in your venue to give the wedding an added romantic twist.
  • Your guests availability: if you get married over the Christmas period and New Year, you’ll find that many people have taken time off work in any case so it will be easier for them to attend your special event
  • Memorable time: your wedding will be remembered forever

photo by: wedding forward
  • Let It Snow: a light dusting of snow makes any photograph romantic. A few glistening snowflakes will just add that extra light that will reflect on the bride’s dress, making her glow (and feel) like an angel!

photo by: dream weddings canada
  • Glitters: if you are a fun, this is definitely your moment to show it!

photo by:

Here’s instead the scoop on what to watch out for if you decide to stick with a Christmas wedding date!

  • Costs:
    Think of it this way: This time of the year sees a higher demand for venues than during other months, therefore you might find it more difficult to book your special place if you don’t do it in advance, and the same could be with any suppliers you might want to use. Because of the high demand, also the costs you will have to deal with might be higher. This adds up when finances are already pulled tight around the holiday season!
  • Style & Decorations:
    If you fear that the Christmas theme can overpower your wedding and prefer something different, you might though struggle to find enough material for alternative décor than the Christmas typical ones.


If despite all you wish to get married during Christmas time, we strongly suggest you to avoid days like 24th, 25th and 26th and we invite you to send a “save the date” long in advance in order to inform your guests of your event sooner rather than later.

How about you take care of the Pros and we will deal with the Cons?

Dalila Azzurra Giordano 

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Hands up those who’ve not been dreaming about their wedding dress since their childhood! Feeling like a princess on the wedding day is a very common dream for the most of the women since they were young little ladies. No matter which style we are (the romantic one, the country or the boho), we have all been looking forward to this moment, so let’s go and find out all the trends for 2018 as there’s really something for everyone.

To quote Miranda Priestley in the celebrated movie The Devil Wears Prada, “Florals? For spring? Ground breaking!” It could seem obvious but 3D Florals is the big player next season, adding a unique touch to your dress.








photo by: sposi


Crop Top is still fashionable, and perfect if you want to look elegant, simple but impeccable at the same time








photo by:Rosa Clara’


If you were thinking of adding a Boho touch to your look, this year you can count on feathers which will definitely make you the star of your special day!








photo by:


The Cinderella dress par excellence. In one word: sparkling! Glitters will make your dress shining even on a rainy and cloudy day, giving you a unique and unrivalled light.

photo by: Pour Femme


For the most audacious, the slit allows your delicate charm to stand out and will add a sensual feel to your dress.








photo by: Pour femme

But this is not all! Next season will also see: frills, black for those who cannot give up on it, Boho sleeves, the cloak, pearl decorations, corset wedding gown and the fabric wrapping around the upper arms. So you just have to visit the bridal studio, choose your dreams dress and if you wish so, I will be there to share with you that important moment.

Dalila Azzurra Giordano

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I very often hear people talking about this role with the wrong information, normally thinking that it is an additional cost for something one can easily do by themselves. I feel ought to say that this is not completely true. Of course, it is possible to deal with the whole preparation alone, however as in the most of the cases it is always better to ask a professional. Let’s look at the reasons why in more detail.

A Wedding Planner will take care of all those bureaucratic burdens you would rather not deal with, and they will also help you with all those little details that you are not familiar with. They can surely offer you the best contractors for the best price on the market, which will allow you to save time and most importantly money.

They will also coordinate all the suppliers by managing costs and staying on timescales. They will be there on your wedding day monitoring the activities and providing support with every kind of issues you might have. They will surely be the most alert of all the people attending and will find a solution to any emergencies.

My name is Dalila Azzurra and it is with great pleasure that I welcome you to my new agency, Dalila Azzurra Giordano Wedding Planner.

Not only am I a Wedding Planner, but I am also a designer and will be able to plan and create your dream wedding, tailored to your taste and character, obviously only after a long chat with you to find out more about what you are looking for.

The core business of my agency is the Destination Wedding, as I mainly work with foreigners who wish to get married in the marvellous Belpaese or with those who dream to say “I do” somewhere around the world.

I speak English, Spanish and I am passionate about everything that relates to foreign cultures.

Now it’s your turn! Contact me and tell me something about you.
Together we will create, plan and realise your big day with a mix of emotions and creativity.

Dalila Azzurra Giordano