How to Organise a Destination Wedding in Italy

Italy really is an A-list destination for wedding ceremonies. Stars as like Kim Kardashian and George Clooney chose to tie the knot in this beautiful country, and who can blame them? With stunning landscapes, food and wine, Italy has a little something for everyone, and can provide the perfect backdrop to any wedding. Whether in the Tuscan hills, the romantic setting of Verona, or the bright lights in the capital of Rome, Italy is truly a destination to consider if you are planning a wedding abroad.

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The choice can sometimes seem overwhelming when there are so many options. Fortunately, we are here to help you a with a touch of inspiration that will make you go weak at the knees knowing that you can have everything you would ever need to make your Italian wedding as special as possible. One things for sure: when you’re planning a wedding abroad you want to make sure you have a helping hand from someone who knows the area like the back of their hand; someone who can help your wedding go as smoothly as possible.

LeccEventi wedding & event planner is based in Puglia, Italy’s most Southern region that is famous for it’s white sandy beaches and picturesque fishing towns. This tailor-made wedding planning company has been making dreams come true since 2007, with exclusive weddings for destination wedding couples.With their talented hands, designing the whole event according to your personality, as well as co-ordinating the event and your guests – you really cannot go wrong!

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You can get married absolutely anywhere in Italy (and the rest of the world), with the help of Dalila Azzerra Giordano and her talented team at the D.A.G. Wedding Planner agency. With her help, you can discover Venetian villas, Tuscun vineyards, ancient Roman ruins… all of which can be the backdrop for your dreamy Italian wedding. This wedding planning team adapts accordingly to each and every couple, and will make your planning process a whole lot easier. D.A.G Wedding Planner offers additional services too, such as the organisation of the marriage proposal, a personal shopper service, beach weddings, honeymoon organisation and the reception and transportation of the guests.

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Based in Lake Como, Il Pavone Bianco is a wedding planning company based in the north of the country, and they are an ideal candidate to choose, should you want to be in safe hands. Experts in local cuisine and venues, they will ensure your wedding is authentic, memorable and truly beautiful. They emphasise the importance of local catering and traditional Italian food, which, to us, sounds delicious! Their philosophy is that anything imaginable is possible. They encourage you not to put barriers on your imagination, all to ensure that you don’t have to compromise on the wedding of your dreams. Ensuring everything is personal to your needs and requirementsll Pavone Bianco is experienced, trained and guaranteed to give you the perfect wedding.

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Another option based in Sacile, is GAP Eventi. Experienced in wedding planning and passionate about traditional Italian touches, Gap Eventi pride themselves on being detail oriented and collaborating with you to ensure that the wedding lives up to the dreams you have created for your big day. Using authentic sources, they will make sure that everything from your hair to the venue is perfectly organised for the smoothest and most enjoyable day for you.

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Now let’s get into the subject of Venues. There is so much choice here, enough to make you want to plan two or three different occasions! However, we are on hand to help you narrow down your search with our top picks:

If you are looking to tie the knot in the country’s bustling and bright capital, our top choice is the Gran Melià Rome. Described as a luxury hotel in the heart of the eternal citythe Grand Meliá Rome boasts pools, views, a spa and luscious gardens, all while being within walking distance to many of the city’s main attractions – just a five-minute walk from the Vatican! Not to mention the top-quality dining – these guys put food first. Their highly qualified staff are on hand to ensure that every request is not only met, but also completely customised to you. With menus inspired by Italian and Mediterranean cuisine,this place not only looks, but tastes amazing.

Photo: Gran Melià Hotel

Park Hotel Villa Grazioli, is a 16th Century villa overlooking the ancient city of Rome. Stunning views, beautiful architecture and magnificent works of art – this place looks like it has jumped straight out of a dream! The Villa also offers a small wedding package to help you to make your wedding dreams a reality! The package includes frescoed rooms for the symbolic/civil official ceremony, a four-course lunch or dinner with local wine for 2 as well as an additional one night in a Charme Deluxe double room with breakfast. To be surrounded by the historic building and overlooking the bright lights of the city is truly a lovely image.

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Photo: Park Hotel Villa Grazioli

However, if you want to get out of the hustle and bustle of the capital, check out what Villa Balke has to offer. This place is practically designed to help you turn the fantasy in your head into a reality. The focus here is the high-class dining and service experience. Nothing is too much for these guys. The villa is equipped for receptions with its own private beach. Also boasting spacious and bright interiors with views over the Gulf of Naples, with the Mediterranean gardens and huge terrace with its own swimming pool – it’s truly spectacular. It’s not difficult to imagine hosting the perfect wedding here. The marriage of music, landscape and authentic Italian cuisine is as much of a perfect match as you and your partner.

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Photo: Villa Balke

Il Castello Borghese is a venue like no other. The castle itself is dated back to the 16th Century; magnificent to behold, while at the same time being a cosy and silent retreat. It boasts both wide gardens and extraordinary terraces and views of the sea. Placed in the amazing natural reserve and mapping along the coast for 11,000 square feet, the castle is part of the furniture of the landscape, amongst the stunning views of the region. There is a choice of indoor and outdoor dining experiences for your big day, and everything is customisable for you to ensure that the wedding is designed with you in mind.

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Photo: Il Castello Borghese

Now – you really do need to think about what food is going to live up to the stunning Italian views you have chosen. There’s nothing quite like Italian cuisine, and when you’re locating your wedding in the midst of this culinary world, you’re spoiled for choice. Here are a couple of our suggestions to kick things off:

Colasanti Catering truly strives to place you and your desires at the heart of the operation, placing significant care and attention to designing menus and ensuring it guarantees and lives up to the expectations not only of the bride and groom but also of their hosts. Not only this, but they will help you find the most suitable location for your party! They truly understand the importance of a perfect marriage between menu and venue. Not only this, but the staff is composed only of professional maîtres and waiters that are careful and diligent in ensuring the smooth running of the event, working with sincere professionalism and care.

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Le Voila Banqueting are the ones to talk to if you want to make sure every step of the process is designed to meet your needs. They pride themselves on their services which make the most important moments and anniversaries of your life special, and unforgettable. Offering ‘A crescendo of tastes and scents that will delight both your eyes and palate’, they truly know what they are doing. With 20 years of experience, Le Voila Banqueting commits itself to being able to produce the most beautiful and successful dining experiences. They understand that being able to strike the right balance of styles, tastes and locations is vital to creating the most beautiful day of your life.

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We hope that we have been able to give you enough inspiration to planning your perfect Italian wedding. By teaming together the right venue, staff, food and guests, you have the recipe to create something truly magical here. There really is no better place to tie the knot – we are sure that it won’t take too much persuading to convince your significant other about a wedding abroad, and with choices like this – why would it!

Getting married on…Lake Garda

Welcome to our weekly catch up, today we will be talking about Lake Garda!

One blog is definitely not enough to describe the beauty of this place with all its peculiarities, so I will have to be brief.
This is the biggest lake in Italy, with a surface of 370 square kilometres located between Alto Adige, Veneto and Lombardy. It is an important touristic landmark and it’s visited by millions of people every year.

Here the nature shows all its magnificence: from the Alps in the North to the hills which follows down to the flatland in the South, everything reflects that magic that only nature can show.

Lazise, Sirmione, Malcesine, Riva del Garda… these are only some of the most famous cities of the lake.

LAZISE. photo by:foto

SIRMIONE. photo by:

MALCESINE. photo by:

RIVA DEL GARDA. photo by:

Getting married here means choosing the romance per excellence, many venues allow a view of the lake and some have even a terrace for the cake cutting or the cocktail and aperitivo directly from the edge of the lake; sometimes is even possible to celebrate the civil ceremony outdoors, in order to give your event a special atmosphere.

photo by:

photo by:

photo by:

The bride and groom will have a vast range of choices from the most wanted venues like villas and castles to the most rustic ones; so many are now also the locations which allow you to make an entrance directly from the lake coming on a boat, after bringing you around to explore the coast.

What else? The Lake will fulfil your taste, and I will fulfil your dreams!


Dalila Azzurra Giordano

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Wedding Planner gift

Have you been invited to a wedding but have no idea of what gift to choose? Then you are reading the right blog!

When we receive a wedding invitation from friends or family one of the first questions that comes to our mind is: “what should I give them as a present?”

We usually have two options: the gift money envelope and the wedding list.

For the first one, as a rule every person should give at least enough money to cover the cost of their attendance to the event, however if you want to be remembered for a special gift this is not the best choice.

You choose the second option when you want to be on the safe side, but it is not always easy to find something that matches your budget, or to participate in the travel wedding list if that has been made available.

So what to do when there is no wedding list and when you prefer not to give the envelope with money? If the bride and groom don’t live together yet, you could buy them some appliances, or a set of services and tools for decorating the new future house, of course of a high quality; if they already live together though, the choice of a present can get tough…and by the way who does not live together nowadays?

photo by:

How about you choose to be original and unforgettable? In that case, you have another option: you can buy my service “Wedding Planner Gift” on which you’ll find more information here:

This gift idea comes from the need of make something special and unique, and it is composed of three boxes that fit different types of budget:

PRESENT, looking for a supplier. I will help the bride and groom to find reliable and trusted suppliers and they can tell me which search I should help them with, perhaps the photographer or the flower designer, the make up artist or the hair-stylist. It is a present that can make their search a lot easier and they will definitely be grateful for it.

EVENT, the coordination of the wedding day. I will be there on their special day and will coordinate all the suppliers by checking that everything goes smoothly and allowing bride and groom to relax and just have fun together with their guests. Which bride does not hope to receive this type of present?

DESIGN service. This is the TOP of the gift, for those who want their present to be sensational. I will take care of the design and setting of the whole wedding, based on the taste of the bride and groom. Everything will be bespoke and tailored to their style and your present will definitely be remembered.

You can buy the boxes by clicking on this link or by getting in touch with me directly.

I hope this helped!

Dalila Azzurra Giordano

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The role of the bridesmaid

Today we are going to talk about the bridesmaids, those gorgeous girls who usually attend to the bride in smart dresses on the day of a wedding.

Perhaps not everyone knows that the tradition of having bridesmaids at weddings stems from the Ancient Egypt, where the bride’s friends dressed like her to beguile evil spirits who wished to harm her.

The tradition wants the bridesmaids to be in even number up to a maximum of 8 or 12, in case of very wealthy families.


Photo by: Irene’s Closet

The maid of honour instead is only one and has a very specific task.
Let’s see now what she should do and what she should avoid:


  • Wear a dress with colours in sync with the wedding’s colour palette;
  • Being of emotional support to the bride;
  • Being the bride’s main personal assistant and help her shop for her wedding dress, choose the Church and write the wedding participations;
  • Organise the Hen’s Party;
  • Coordinate the bridesmaids;
  • Spend with the bride the night before the wedding;
  • Check that everything is under control during the day of the marriage;
  • Bring with her an ‘emergency kit’;
  • Hold the bride’s bouquet and gloves during the wedding ceremony
  • Welcome all the guests to the venue
  • Adjust the bride’s dress and veil when needed.WHAT NOT-TO DO
  • Stand above the bride;
  • Wear white or black;
  • Complain about the dress that the bride chose for her;
  • Lack in attention to details;


In the Italian tradition, the bridesmaids walk up the isle preceding the bride in the wedding procession if they are children, they follow her and hold the train if they are adults.

Photo by: MatrimonioaBo

Photo by: Southern California Bride

But…how about if you hire a Wedding Planner? Well, in that case your maid of honour will fully enjoy your wedding with you, without the burden of all the organisation.

If you have been chosen as a bridesmaid and you want advice for your look, click here:

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Dalila Azzurra Giordano