Here we are, you look at your left hand and you see the ring, the sign that your love is going to be sealed by the Holy Spirit of Promise, you are eagerly starting dreaming about that special day when all of a sudden you find yourself wondering what type of style you should choose for the outfitting.

Nowadays everyone chooses a special style for their wedding, something that gives them and their guests the impression that everything has been uniquely realised for that day, exclusively for them!

And so the frantic research for the right style begins, but where do you start?

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It’s true, lately the most fashionable styles have been the shabby chic, the rustic, the romantic, and the boho one but you are not obliged to choose any of them if you don’t really feel they fit you; the style you are going to use must indeed be something unique, that reflects your tastes and those of your future husband.

Build a list of your passions, of something you love doing together, of the different wedding themes: travel, sea, mountain, winter, music, art… there really is no limit to your imagination!

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Get inspired online and look around, in this regard I have created folders on some themed weddings  and weddings on the beach

Always keep in mind the location of your wedding though: if you have chosen an extremely elegant place, you will not be able to set it up in a rustic way or use colours that are not exactly in tune with the environment.

In any case, you don’t need to worry if you are relying on an expert Wedding Planner and Designer as they will know how to help you fulfil your wishes if you tell them what you want to achieve.

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