Getting married in…Puglia

Hey everyone, here I am, just back from my holidays and full of energy!

Starting from today, I will start a weekly appointment to help you discover the main and most beautiful destinations where you could get married with my help.

Today’s appointment is about Italy and guess where I decided to start from? I’ll commence from Puglia, the region I come from and a place I am deeply in love with.

I might be biased here but you will agree with me that Puglia is one of the most beautiful regions in Italy, with its charming sceneries chosen by tourists and loved by the locals. Puglia is a very long region and it includes different lands and populations. This is what makes it so outstanding, together with its colours, flavours and the many and varies traditions that spread over its 400km.

Here you can find the most unique locations in the world, like Trulli which are one of the 53 UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Italy. They are the characteristic cone-roofed houses of Alberobello and were home to the peasant families of Puglia. Lately many places have started offering the opportunity to arrange wedding receptions outdoors, being surrounded by nature within such a stunning environment for a unique and original touch to your day.


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A bit different but still very traditional and remarkable are the Masserie (homesteads), a complex of fortified farmhouses dotting the Puglia region which are now converted into bed and breakfasts, boutique hotels, rentals or restaurants to accommodate tourists.

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Both these locations are suitable to any type of setting: from the rustic to the shabby chic to the vintage glam, plus the nice weather from March to October will be your best friend for an unforgettable reception outdoors.

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Puglia will conquer you with its sea and land flavours: its unique mozzarella, the sea urchins and the orecchiette Pasta.

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Last but not least, the sea. From the Adriatic to the Ionian, Puglia’s seas is one of the most characteristic and stunning in Italy, with its crystal clear waters and a coastline of golden beaches and breathtaking cliffs which create a perfect and suggestive palette of natural colours. You could go for a reception in one of the marvellous seaside town like Polignano A Mare, Otranto or Gallipoli.

Furthermore you could decide that you want to spend here even your Honeymoon, enjoying this way the night life that these locations offer.

I leave you with a small album of personal pictures from this splendid place

If Puglia seduced you, feel free to contact me!

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Dalila Azzurra Giordano