Getting married in…Puglia

Hey everyone, here I am, just back from my holidays and full of energy!

Starting from today, I will start a weekly appointment to help you discover the main and most beautiful destinations where you could get married with my help.

Today’s appointment is about Italy and guess where I decided to start from? I’ll commence from Puglia, the region I come from and a place I am deeply in love with.

I might be biased here but you will agree with me that Puglia is one of the most beautiful regions in Italy, with its charming sceneries chosen by tourists and loved by the locals. Puglia is a very long region and it includes different lands and populations. This is what makes it so outstanding, together with its colours, flavours and the many and varies traditions that spread over its 400km.

Here you can find the most unique locations in the world, like Trulli which are one of the 53 UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Italy. They are the characteristic cone-roofed houses of Alberobello and were home to the peasant families of Puglia. Lately many places have started offering the opportunity to arrange wedding receptions outdoors, being surrounded by nature within such a stunning environment for a unique and original touch to your day.


Photo by: Les Amis Photo

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A bit different but still very traditional and remarkable are the Masserie (homesteads), a complex of fortified farmhouses dotting the Puglia region which are now converted into bed and breakfasts, boutique hotels, rentals or restaurants to accommodate tourists.

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Both these locations are suitable to any type of setting: from the rustic to the shabby chic to the vintage glam, plus the nice weather from March to October will be your best friend for an unforgettable reception outdoors.

Photo by:

Puglia will conquer you with its sea and land flavours: its unique mozzarella, the sea urchins and the orecchiette Pasta.

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Last but not least, the sea. From the Adriatic to the Ionian, Puglia’s seas is one of the most characteristic and stunning in Italy, with its crystal clear waters and a coastline of golden beaches and breathtaking cliffs which create a perfect and suggestive palette of natural colours. You could go for a reception in one of the marvellous seaside town like Polignano A Mare, Otranto or Gallipoli.

Furthermore you could decide that you want to spend here even your Honeymoon, enjoying this way the night life that these locations offer.

I leave you with a small album of personal pictures from this splendid place

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Dalila Azzurra Giordano

The role of the bridesmaid

Today we are going to talk about the bridesmaids, those gorgeous girls who usually attend to the bride in smart dresses on the day of a wedding.

Perhaps not everyone knows that the tradition of having bridesmaids at weddings stems from the Ancient Egypt, where the bride’s friends dressed like her to beguile evil spirits who wished to harm her.

The tradition wants the bridesmaids to be in even number up to a maximum of 8 or 12, in case of very wealthy families.


Photo by: Irene’s Closet

The maid of honour instead is only one and has a very specific task.
Let’s see now what she should do and what she should avoid:


  • Wear a dress with colours in sync with the wedding’s colour palette;
  • Being of emotional support to the bride;
  • Being the bride’s main personal assistant and help her shop for her wedding dress, choose the Church and write the wedding participations;
  • Organise the Hen’s Party;
  • Coordinate the bridesmaids;
  • Spend with the bride the night before the wedding;
  • Check that everything is under control during the day of the marriage;
  • Bring with her an ‘emergency kit’;
  • Hold the bride’s bouquet and gloves during the wedding ceremony
  • Welcome all the guests to the venue
  • Adjust the bride’s dress and veil when needed.WHAT NOT-TO DO
  • Stand above the bride;
  • Wear white or black;
  • Complain about the dress that the bride chose for her;
  • Lack in attention to details;


In the Italian tradition, the bridesmaids walk up the isle preceding the bride in the wedding procession if they are children, they follow her and hold the train if they are adults.

Photo by: MatrimonioaBo

Photo by: Southern California Bride

But…how about if you hire a Wedding Planner? Well, in that case your maid of honour will fully enjoy your wedding with you, without the burden of all the organisation.

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Dalila Azzurra Giordano

Handfasting – “to take each other’s hand in marriage”

Today I am going to let you discover a centuries-old practice which is one of most spiritual and perhaps still not well-known ceremonies of the civil wedding: the handfasting, tying the hands together.

Dating back to the time of the ancient Celts, a Handfasting is an old Pagan custom, celebrated in the rural areas of Ireland and Scotland when a priest was not available. It was originally more like an engagement period, where two people would declare a binding union between themselves for a year and a day. After that time goes by the couple could either split as if they had never been married or could decide to enter permanently into marriage with the christian ritual.

Nowadays it is legally recognised in some parts of the USA, the UK and Ireland, whilst in other countries is possible to ask for the presence of the civil officiant to validate the marriage, furthermore it is a ceremony that can be performed also for homosexual couples.

The bride and groom wrap their hands together with a cord that forms an infinity symbol to which the celebrant ties the 4 coloured ribbons, symbolising the 4 natural elements of Earth, Fire, Air and Water. This knot will have to create a figure 8 to represent infinity as it is the connection and devotion to one another.

Each colour has a different meaning and the bride and groom decide which ones they want to use for the ribbons based on the symbol they prefer to give.

These are the different colours:

  • orange: attraction, abundance
  • yellow: trust, harmony, balance
  • green: fertility, luck, health
  • light blue: stillness, patience
  • blue: longevity
  • brown: health, home
  • pink: love, happiness
  • red: passion, sensuality, desire
  • gold: wealth
  • silver: creativity, protection
  • grey: equilibrium
  • white: peace and serenity
  • black: success, pure love
  • violet: possess

The ritual ends with the couple jumping the broom as a symbol of their entrance into a new life together, leaving the past behind.

Photo by: Offbeat bride

The best way to celebrate this ceremony is being immersed in the nature, like in the woods or on the beach, and possibly at dawn or at sunset where both the sun and the moon are present. Furthermore, everyone should participate barefoot.

Photo by: green wedding shoes

Handfasting is a very particular ritual and it allows many different variations that can be customised to you; would you like to have it in your wedding?

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Dalila Azzurra Giordano

Wedding in Villa

Getting married in a Villa is one of the most fabulous options you can choose, and if your goal is to live a fairy tale day then that is definitely the right venue for you.

One Italian region where you will find marvellous Villas is Veneto, which offers a vast variety of places that can add uniqueness, splendour and even some regality to your chic and evocative wedding.

Villas are usually known for the intimate and relaxed atmosphere they can bring to an event as they are a space which is fully reserved to you and a perfect option even in case of bad weather. They have indeed also indoors spaces available which are still elegant and cozy and remind of a fairy-tale. Furthermore, very often there is the possibility to use private areas as bedrooms and bathrooms, which can be very handy for the bride and groom and can be even used for the first night of the honeymoon.

This type of location also offers the opportunity to create different sets in order to suit many preferences. You can recreate romantic designs, a shabby one, a country chic… the gardens can be adorned with lanterns, flambeau trails, special and unique flowers or recreate a theme or a coloured set. And with the right lightning, you can give the whole place a completely new profile.

Last but not least, the Villas are perfect for a fabulous photo shooting, with the whole surrounding environment being the frame to your pictures from that day. The colours in the garden will contribute to create that magic atmosphere that you can live again every time you will look back at your pictures.

The pictures used were made by Selene Pozzer, to contact her click below:

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I am getting married, what style should I choose?

Here we are, you look at your left hand and you see the ring, the sign that your love is going to be sealed by the Holy Spirit of Promise, you are eagerly starting dreaming about that special day when all of a sudden you find yourself wondering what type of style you should choose for the outfitting.

Nowadays everyone chooses a special style for their wedding, something that gives them and their guests the impression that everything has been uniquely realised for that day, exclusively for them!

And so the frantic research for the right style begins, but where do you start?

Photo by: Laura Nekyfor

It’s true, lately the most fashionable styles have been the shabby chic, the rustic, the romantic, and the boho one but you are not obliged to choose any of them if you don’t really feel they fit you; the style you are going to use must indeed be something unique, that reflects your tastes and those of your future husband.

Build a list of your passions, of something you love doing together, of the different wedding themes: travel, sea, mountain, winter, music, art… there really is no limit to your imagination!

Photo by:

Get inspired online and look around, in this regard I have created folders on some themed weddings  and weddings on the beach

Always keep in mind the location of your wedding though: if you have chosen an extremely elegant place, you will not be able to set it up in a rustic way or use colours that are not exactly in tune with the environment.

In any case, you don’t need to worry if you are relying on an expert Wedding Planner and Designer as they will know how to help you fulfil your wishes if you tell them what you want to achieve.

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Dalila Azzurra Giordano

The pros and cons of Christmas Wedding

We know that Christmas is the most wonderful and awaited time of the year. Just picture it: a light snowfall coming down, the entire magic atmosphere that recalls a fairy tale, the time spent with family, holidays… so why not having your dream come true at this time of the year and transform your wedding into a winter wonderland?

Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of choosing this time for your wedding.

Read on to see the best features that Christmas weddings have to offer!

  • Cheerfulness: we know that this time of the year is the best one to bring family and friends together under the same roof. Everybody is happier and more willing to celebrate. And because happiness is contagious, fun is guaranteed!

photo by: Tidewater and tulle
  • Season décor: not only does it add warmth, Christmas décor consists of nature and evergreens—an appropriate symbol for an ever-growing marriage! Decorate with holly or mistletoe in your venue to give the wedding an added romantic twist.
  • Your guests availability: if you get married over the Christmas period and New Year, you’ll find that many people have taken time off work in any case so it will be easier for them to attend your special event
  • Memorable time: your wedding will be remembered forever

photo by: wedding forward
  • Let It Snow: a light dusting of snow makes any photograph romantic. A few glistening snowflakes will just add that extra light that will reflect on the bride’s dress, making her glow (and feel) like an angel!

photo by: dream weddings canada
  • Glitters: if you are a fun, this is definitely your moment to show it!

photo by:

Here’s instead the scoop on what to watch out for if you decide to stick with a Christmas wedding date!

  • Costs:
    Think of it this way: This time of the year sees a higher demand for venues than during other months, therefore you might find it more difficult to book your special place if you don’t do it in advance, and the same could be with any suppliers you might want to use. Because of the high demand, also the costs you will have to deal with might be higher. This adds up when finances are already pulled tight around the holiday season!
  • Style & Decorations:
    If you fear that the Christmas theme can overpower your wedding and prefer something different, you might though struggle to find enough material for alternative décor than the Christmas typical ones.


If despite all you wish to get married during Christmas time, we strongly suggest you to avoid days like 24th, 25th and 26th and we invite you to send a “save the date” long in advance in order to inform your guests of your event sooner rather than later.

How about you take care of the Pros and we will deal with the Cons?

Dalila Azzurra Giordano 

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Take a peek at the biggest wedding dress trends for 2018

Hands up those who’ve not been dreaming about their wedding dress since their childhood! Feeling like a princess on the wedding day is a very common dream for the most of the women since they were young little ladies. No matter which style we are (the romantic one, the country or the boho), we have all been looking forward to this moment, so let’s go and find out all the trends for 2018 as there’s really something for everyone.

To quote Miranda Priestley in the celebrated movie The Devil Wears Prada, “Florals? For spring? Ground breaking!” It could seem obvious but 3D Florals is the big player next season, adding a unique touch to your dress.








photo by: sposi


Crop Top is still fashionable, and perfect if you want to look elegant, simple but impeccable at the same time








photo by:Rosa Clara’


If you were thinking of adding a Boho touch to your look, this year you can count on feathers which will definitely make you the star of your special day!








photo by:


The Cinderella dress par excellence. In one word: sparkling! Glitters will make your dress shining even on a rainy and cloudy day, giving you a unique and unrivalled light.

photo by: Pour Femme


For the most audacious, the slit allows your delicate charm to stand out and will add a sensual feel to your dress.








photo by: Pour femme

But this is not all! Next season will also see: frills, black for those who cannot give up on it, Boho sleeves, the cloak, pearl decorations, corset wedding gown and the fabric wrapping around the upper arms. So you just have to visit the bridal studio, choose your dreams dress and if you wish so, I will be there to share with you that important moment.

Dalila Azzurra Giordano

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What does a Wedding Planner do and why do you need one?



I very often hear people talking about this role with the wrong information, normally thinking that it is an additional cost for something one can easily do by themselves. I feel ought to say that this is not completely true. Of course, it is possible to deal with the whole preparation alone, however as in the most of the cases it is always better to ask a professional. Let’s look at the reasons why in more detail.

A Wedding Planner will take care of all those bureaucratic burdens you would rather not deal with, and they will also help you with all those little details that you are not familiar with. They can surely offer you the best contractors for the best price on the market, which will allow you to save time and most importantly money.

They will also coordinate all the suppliers by managing costs and staying on timescales. They will be there on your wedding day monitoring the activities and providing support with every kind of issues you might have. They will surely be the most alert of all the people attending and will find a solution to any emergencies.

My name is Dalila Azzurra and it is with great pleasure that I welcome you to my new agency, Dalila Azzurra Giordano Wedding Planner.

Not only am I a Wedding Planner, but I am also a designer and will be able to plan and create your dream wedding, tailored to your taste and character, obviously only after a long chat with you to find out more about what you are looking for.

The core business of my agency is the Destination Wedding, as I mainly work with foreigners who wish to get married in the marvellous Belpaese or with those who dream to say “I do” somewhere around the world.

I speak English, Spanish and I am passionate about everything that relates to foreign cultures.

Now it’s your turn! Contact me and tell me something about you.
Together we will create, plan and realise your big day with a mix of emotions and creativity.

Dalila Azzurra Giordano