How many of you have not found this type of decor while looking for the right style for your wedding?

This groovy type of decor is indeed extremely trendy especially in the bohemian decorations, where the main element is the return to natural materials.

So let’s take a look at the different possibilities of the macramè:

  • The arch for the gazebo;

Photo and arts by: Celinou Creations


  • Decos for the table;

Photo by: Etsy
  • The covers for the chairs;

Photo by: MossHoundDesigns
  • The little crown for the bride;

Photo and arts by: Celinou Creations
Photo by: Adeline Setrin
  • The tapestries;

Photo and arts by: Celinou Creations
  • The plants holders that can be used as a bomboniere;

Photo by: DIY

These type of sets are definitely back in style especially because they perfectly fit with the total green. Weddings right now are seeing a return to the handicraft and macramè is part of the trend.

The possibilities of creations you can make are limitless and absolutely customisable; for example I have commissioned a neckless, some earrings, and even an umbrella to Celinou Creations for my settings.

If you are keen to see it, follow my stories!

If also you are thinking to use this type of decor, call me and we can consider it together.

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Dalila Azzurra Giordano

Today I want to show you the new trends for 2019.

Let’s start by saying that next year there will be a return of the natural style, flowers will leave room to greenery which will be the real protagonist.

The flowers instead will become pieces of furniture, as in this example:

Photo by:

The table will have many different colours, glasses and plates will have different shapes and colours but there won’t be a real rule around it. Textures, lamps and items will be inspired by Moroccan styles.

Photo by: amate stanze

Photo by: pinterest

Ultraviolet will keep being the main colour in all its nuances, possibly accompanied also by the green and gold

Photo by:

Another undisputed trend will be the royal inspired weddings where simplicity will be the king.

The food station will be the new way of amuse the guests. This involves creating some little buffet corners during the reception which will be lot of fun and very creative.

Photo by: weddingsonline

Photo by: brit morin

So, what would you say of these trends? Do you like them?

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Dalila Azzurra Giordano

I am frequently asked by many of you what the wedding welcome bag should look like or about its content.

The truth is that there’s no specific rule for this, as the Wedding Bag is a little present that the bride and the groom decide to give their guests, a sort of kit that helps them spend the wedding day together in the best way.

The wedding welcome bag can be carton, cloth or custom made, or in theme with your wedding if it is following one.

There are many ways to distribute it, but I think the best one is leaving it on the tables in the Church or let the maids of honour hand them in at the entrance.

Its content is usually decided by the bride and the groom, it could go from the classic Church book, the cones with rice inside, some tissues, a bottle of water, some candies or sweets, to even more useful items like:

  • A personalised folding fan if you are in summertime;

Photo by:
  • Wet wipes;
  • Hand-warmers for winter weddings;
  • Soap bubbles;
  • Bag hanger hook;
  • The Thank You card;

Photo by: etsy
  • The programme of the day;

Photo by: etsy
  • Driving directions to find the location;
  • The list of useful numbers.
  • These last 3 elements are fundamental in the case of destination weddings of course, as clearly your guests would be far from home and don’t know the place where the celebrations are taking place.For theme weddings instead, the wedding welcome bags could have inside items that remind of the theme of the wedding itself.Furthermore, a very nice idea is to have a Wedding Welcome Bag for the kids!

Photo by:

Weddings for them are usually very boring, so letting them have something to do with colour books and rubber stamps in a small bag, together with candies, soap bubbles and small games will definitely make a big difference for them, will make them happy and keep them busy during the day.

So, green light to any ideas: CREATIVITY is the keyword!

If you are running out of them though, and even if you are just looking for suggestions for your wedding, I will be happy to help.

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Dalila Azzurra Giordano

Often many couples choose to get married in the hottest months of the year, but there is a raising trend and it involves getting married in winter. This is what I will talk to you about today.

First of all let me say that winter has a special atmosphere and unique landscapes, both with or without the snow; sometimes the landscape is white due to the ace and that creates the magic you cannot find in other months, which adds some character to your photo shooting.

 Photo by: Huffpost

Photo by: Style me pretty

Photo by:

You can be sure that nobody, first of all the bride and the groom, will suffer for the heat and the hot temperatures and you won’t have the unknown element of the weather as your reception will happen indoor anyway.

The bride can wear whatever dress she prefers as the venue will have heating on but at the same time she could decide to wear fur, wool and precious details.

Photo by:

Photo by: VSCO

Photo by:

There will be more available venues, their staff will also be more dedicated and careful, the waiting list will be shorter and prices lower as it is low season.

As a Wedding Designer I would suggest you to go for a location which emphasises its winter charm.

Even if you celebrate it indoors, it is still possible to make the winter magic stand out with lights, candles, crystals, snow flakes and cotton flowers.

I mean… can you imagine such an entrance:

Photo by:

I don’t know you, but I find it spectacular.

And also the following option looks pretty impressive:

Photo by:

On the tables, you can create solutions like this one:

  • colder and more wintery

Photo by: Instagram
  • Or warmer as this one

Photo by:

Photo by: Tom D Flowerman

Obviously here the lighting makes a difference!

I hope this blog post was useful and that you will benefit from it.

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I have always dreamt of having my wedding abroad, but people have always considered this as a very weird idea. The typical questions I had to hear were: ‘Is it going to be only the two of you?”, “Is it not too expensive?”, “Is it not too boring?”. Today I am going to show you what Destination Wedding is and whom is it for.

Personally I have always found getting married abroad very romantic and a perfect fit for my passion for traveling as well. You don’t even have to organise the honey moon as it is already included! Yes, it’s true, sometimes it could mean that it’s just the two of you but what is a marriage if not a journey that you make in two? However, lately this has become a real trend and there are many venues all around the world that are now ready to offer a perfect and romantic wedding reception to welcome your best and closest guests.

Photo by: Dollydrop

Photo by:

The wedding packs include: the decorations, the ministrant, the makeup artist, the hair stylist, the photographer and whatever you might need on the special day. The price for a full inclusive pack could be around €20,000, which is not that bad if you consider all the services you receive.

Based on the country and city you choose, we can then look for venues where you have plenty of original wedding proposals to select, like for example Las Vegas which offers bespoke locations or special walks along the aisle as in the case of this bride in Polynesia:

Photo by:

Photo by:

And for those of you who cannot make it without their family and friends, there is always the option of choosing a closer destination somewhere in Europe where you can invite your dearest ones, whilst when you go for more exotic places you can go as a couple and then organise a ceremony when you are back. You can get married in a Caribbean Island and then celebrate with your beloved ones on your return home with a symbolic ceremony that recreates the same atmosphere.

The challenge of this type of wedding is indeed in organising everything from far away and in these cases more than ever is fundamental having a Wedding Planner who can provide their expertise and can take care of all the papers needed for your wedding to be recognised also in Italy.

By clicking on this link you’ll find only some of the myriad destinations that I can cover with my agency:

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I hope this article was helpful.

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My dear newlyweds,

We have been hearing a lot recently about the Royal Wedding, but more than anything it is the look of the Duchess of Sussex that inspired the covers and pages of the main fashion magazines, so let’s take a look at it together.

Let’s start saying that Meghan is already stunning to begin with and we are not surprised having seen her in all her splendour. For her first dress, the American-born new member of the British royal family has chosen the British designer – and artistic director of French luxury fashion house Givenchy – Clare Waight Keller. The design of the breath-taking gown that Megan and Clare chose was sober and clear, with a boat neckline and inspired by a vintage design by Hubert de Givenchy. And if the dress is an absolute masterpiece, it was the see-through 5 metres long veil, made from silk tulle and adorned with a trim of hand-embroidered flowers in silk threads and organza, which commanded attention. The Duchess expressed the wish of having all 53 countries of the Commonwealth with her on her journey through the ceremony, so Ms. Waight Keller designed a veil representing the distinctive flora of each Commonwealth country united in one spectacular floral composition.

Mandatory Credit: Photo by REX/Shutterstock


Mandatory Credit: Photo by REX/Shutterstock

The tiara wore by Meghan was also a statement piece and a welcome addition to her quintessentially royal look. The bandeau, which is made of diamonds and platinum, originally belonged to Queen Mary, and is a classic, antique piece that has long been a part of the royal collection.

Mandatory Credit: Photo by REX/Shutterstock

That’s not all! The Duchess of Sussex donned a stunning Stella McCartney gown at the intimate evening reception at Frogmore House.

This second dress was featuring a high halter neck and a more sultry open back, adding some character to the choice.


The American star wore matching pumps also in lily white. A silky, satin material with nude mesh and blue soles matched Princess Diana’s Aquamarine ring; the shoes were designed by luxury shoe brand Aquazurra, by the Colombian Edgardo Osorio.

Did you like her look?

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My dear brides, today we’ll talk about design and in particular about the many ways you have to decorate the swimming pool.

There are plenty of venues that have an outdoor pool and we can’t always use it to make a big splash! So, let’s see how we can then use that corner in the best way possible and make it useful and suggestive.

Here some ideas:

Big balloons can be weighted and anchored to the pool so that they look like they are floating in air. If you wish to make them even more in theme with the colours of your wedding, you could cover them with a coloured veil.

Photo by: Brit Morin

Petals can be scattered on the water, maybe in a colour in contrast with the light blue of the pool water, or you could use some flower spheres. I personally think that topiary art is the best if you want to have a sophisticated and impactful effect.

Photo by: Wedding forward

Photo by: Offbeat bride

Another way of using flowers could be a floating decoration, where you can also set some candles.

Photo by:

Photo by: WeddingWire

Photo by:

The floating letters give you the chance to write whatever you like. They are quite big in size therefore usually they are used to write the initials of the bride and the groom or something very special as in this example.

Photo by: Evii Gualdron

Lightning is used more and more often in weddings and there are now so many special effects that you can obtain with them, of which I might talk to you about in the next blogs. In this particular case, the lights are used to recreate a special picture or text of your choice, at the bottom of the pool.

Photo by: WeddingWire

I hope I helped you a little bit with some tips and ideas on pool decoration.

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Welcome to our weekly catch up, today we will be talking about Lake Garda!

One blog is definitely not enough to describe the beauty of this place with all its peculiarities, so I will have to be brief.
This is the biggest lake in Italy, with a surface of 370 square kilometres located between Alto Adige, Veneto and Lombardy. It is an important touristic landmark and it’s visited by millions of people every year.

Here the nature shows all its magnificence: from the Alps in the North to the hills which follows down to the flatland in the South, everything reflects that magic that only nature can show.

Lazise, Sirmione, Malcesine, Riva del Garda… these are only some of the most famous cities of the lake.

LAZISE. photo by:foto

SIRMIONE. photo by:

MALCESINE. photo by:

RIVA DEL GARDA. photo by:

Getting married here means choosing the romance per excellence, many venues allow a view of the lake and some have even a terrace for the cake cutting or the cocktail and aperitivo directly from the edge of the lake; sometimes is even possible to celebrate the civil ceremony outdoors, in order to give your event a special atmosphere.

photo by:

photo by:

photo by:

The bride and groom will have a vast range of choices from the most wanted venues like villas and castles to the most rustic ones; so many are now also the locations which allow you to make an entrance directly from the lake coming on a boat, after bringing you around to explore the coast.

What else? The Lake will fulfil your taste, and I will fulfil your dreams!


Dalila Azzurra Giordano

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Have you been invited to a wedding but have no idea of what gift to choose? Then you are reading the right blog!

When we receive a wedding invitation from friends or family one of the first questions that comes to our mind is: “what should I give them as a present?”

We usually have two options: the gift money envelope and the wedding list.

For the first one, as a rule every person should give at least enough money to cover the cost of their attendance to the event, however if you want to be remembered for a special gift this is not the best choice.

You choose the second option when you want to be on the safe side, but it is not always easy to find something that matches your budget, or to participate in the travel wedding list if that has been made available.

So what to do when there is no wedding list and when you prefer not to give the envelope with money? If the bride and groom don’t live together yet, you could buy them some appliances, or a set of services and tools for decorating the new future house, of course of a high quality; if they already live together though, the choice of a present can get tough…and by the way who does not live together nowadays?

photo by:

How about you choose to be original and unforgettable? In that case, you have another option: you can buy my service “Wedding Planner Gift” on which you’ll find more information here:

This gift idea comes from the need of make something special and unique, and it is composed of three boxes that fit different types of budget:

PRESENT, looking for a supplier. I will help the bride and groom to find reliable and trusted suppliers and they can tell me which search I should help them with, perhaps the photographer or the flower designer, the make up artist or the hair-stylist. It is a present that can make their search a lot easier and they will definitely be grateful for it.

EVENT, the coordination of the wedding day. I will be there on their special day and will coordinate all the suppliers by checking that everything goes smoothly and allowing bride and groom to relax and just have fun together with their guests. Which bride does not hope to receive this type of present?

DESIGN service. This is the TOP of the gift, for those who want their present to be sensational. I will take care of the design and setting of the whole wedding, based on the taste of the bride and groom. Everything will be bespoke and tailored to their style and your present will definitely be remembered.

You can buy the boxes by clicking on this link or by getting in touch with me directly.

I hope this helped!

Dalila Azzurra Giordano

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And here we are with our weekly catch up! Today I am going to show you the beauty of Veneto, another land I also love as my adopted one.

After 14 years spent in this region, I can say that Veneto has a special place in my heart, it is a fantastic land which expresses an extraordinary variety in its scenery that we will shortly discover together.

This region is the custodian of natural, artistic, and traditional treasures and one of them is the most romantic place per eccellence and one of the most unique city in the world: Venice, even if also Verona, the Italian setting of Romeo & Juliet, gained its reputation!

The variety of locations you can find here is remarkable. Venice indeed is audacious and spectacular enough that it won’t need too much work to look the perfect scenario; the simplest of the marriages in this city will just look breathtaking.

Photo by: with a love like that

Verona is another quite romantic city; who can forget the famous balcony of Romeo and Juliet?

Photo by: Jules Bower

And let’s not forget about the Dolomites, our Eastern Italian Alps which are a UNESCO world heritage site and feature some of the most beautiful mountain landscapes anywhere, with vertical walls, sheer cliffs and such a high density of narrow that even the hardest heart will melt.

Photo by: Green Wedding Shoes

Photo by:

Villas in Veneto, on which I wrote a previous article available here:

are the ideal place for a romantic wedding but they are a good fit for a country chic one as well.

Photo by:

Veneto boasts also many historic houses and buildings, therefore you can find here marvellous hotels with a unique design.

Photo by: Ca’ Sagredo

Photo by:

So you just have to get in touch with me now and we will plan together your special day in one of these fabulous places.

Dalila Azzurra Giordano

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