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Black Friday

It’s Black Friday’s week! By purchasing the “Wedding Planner and designer” service you can take advantage of the 50% discount if you book from today until Sunday, November 25. Contact me to request information without commitment: https://dagweddingplanner.com/en/contacts/ Dalila Azzurra Giordano

Macramè Decor

How many of you have not found this type of decor while looking for the right style for your wedding? This groovy type of decor is indeed extremely trendy especially in the bohemian decorations, where the main element is the return to natural materials. So let’s take a look at the different possibilities of the […]

Top Tips For Planning a Fairytale Wedding in Italy

American couples often dream of jetting off to Europe for their romantic wedding day. It’s a continent full of regal history, incredible castles, Renaissance cities and coastal towns. Italy, in particular, is bursting with romantic spots to delight both couples and guests alike. So, if a fairytale wedding in Italy is something you have fantasised about ever […]

2019 new trends, unveiled!

Today I want to show you the new trends for 2019. Let’s start by saying that next year there will be a return of the natural style, flowers will leave room to greenery which will be the real protagonist. The flowers instead will become pieces of furniture, as in this example: Photo by: weddingsareawesome.net The […]

The Wedding welcome bag

I am frequently asked by many of you what the wedding welcome bag should look like or about its content. The truth is that there’s no specific rule for this, as the Wedding Bag is a little present that the bride and the groom decide to give their guests, a sort of kit that helps […]

The magic of a winter wedding

Often many couples choose to get married in the hottest months of the year, but there is a raising trend and it involves getting married in winter. This is what I will talk to you about today. First of all let me say that winter has a special atmosphere and unique landscapes, both with or […]

How to Organise a Destination Wedding in Italy

Italy really is an A-list destination for wedding ceremonies. Stars as like Kim Kardashian and George Clooney chose to tie the knot in this beautiful country, and who can blame them? With stunning landscapes, food and wine, Italy has a little something for everyone, and can provide the perfect backdrop to any wedding. Whether in the […]

Destination Wedding, why getting married abroad!

I have always dreamt of having my wedding abroad, but people have always considered this as a very weird idea. The typical questions I had to hear were: ‘Is it going to be only the two of you?”, “Is it not too expensive?”, “Is it not too boring?”. Today I am going to show you […]

Meghan Markle and her Duchess look

My dear newlyweds, We have been hearing a lot recently about the Royal Wedding, but more than anything it is the look of the Duchess of Sussex that inspired the covers and pages of the main fashion magazines, so let’s take a look at it together. Let’s start saying that Meghan is already stunning to […]

Decorating the pool

My dear brides, today we’ll talk about design and in particular about the many ways you have to decorate the swimming pool. There are plenty of venues that have an outdoor pool and we can’t always use it to make a big splash! So, let’s see how we can then use that corner in the […]