Dalila Azzurra Giordano

I am Dalila Azzurra, a hopeless dreamer and an all round creative soul. I am simply obsessed with good taste, style … and feelings!

I love travelling, spending time with good friends, surrounding myself with foreigners and learning about new cultures. Everything I don’t know, I’ll learn it soon.

My career in purchasing contributed so far to develop significant expertise in supplier relations and in spending according to the available budget, but I have also always been passionate about creative activities like Interior Design, Photography, Make Up and Foreign Cultures.

I think life is too short to spend it only on one thing.

After ten years as a buyer, I decided to follow my dream, combining all my passions and skills in a single profession: the Wedding Planner and Designer, for which I have graduated from The Wedding & Event Planner Business School.

Together we will make the most important day of your life a dream come true.
You will tell me about your taste and ideas and I will make a memorable event out of them. My objective is to create tailor-made weddings according to the specific requests of my customers. No two weddings will ever be the same with me as each wedding I create is a true reflection of that couple and how they would choose to celebrate their day.

My luggage is my best friend therefore I’m willing to follow you wherever your dreams might take us!