2019 new trends, unveiled!

Today I want to show you the new trends for 2019.

Let’s start by saying that next year there will be a return of the natural style, flowers will leave room to greenery which will be the real protagonist.

The flowers instead will become pieces of furniture, as in this example:

Photo by: weddingsareawesome.net

The table will have many different colours, glasses and plates will have different shapes and colours but there won’t be a real rule around it. Textures, lamps and items will be inspired by Moroccan styles.

Photo by: amate stanze

Photo by: pinterest

Ultraviolet will keep being the main colour in all its nuances, possibly accompanied also by the green and gold

Photo by: mariages.net

Another undisputed trend will be the royal inspired weddings where simplicity will be the king.

The food station will be the new way of amuse the guests. This involves creating some little buffet corners during the reception which will be lot of fun and very creative.

Photo by: weddingsonline

Photo by: brit morin

So, what would you say of these trends? Do you like them?

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Dalila Azzurra Giordano