The Wedding welcome bag

I am frequently asked by many of you what the wedding welcome bag should look like or about its content.

The truth is that there’s no specific rule for this, as the Wedding Bag is a little present that the bride and the groom decide to give their guests, a sort of kit that helps them spend the wedding day together in the best way.

The wedding welcome bag can be carton, cloth or custom made, or in theme with your wedding if it is following one.

There are many ways to distribute it, but I think the best one is leaving it on the tables in the Church or let the maids of honour hand them in at the entrance.

Its content is usually decided by the bride and the groom, it could go from the classic Church book, the cones with rice inside, some tissues, a bottle of water, some candies or sweets, to even more useful items like:

  • A personalised folding fan if you are in summertime;

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  • Wet wipes;
  • Hand-warmers for winter weddings;
  • Soap bubbles;
  • Bag hanger hook;
  • The Thank You card;

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  • The programme of the day;

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  • Driving directions to find the location;
  • The list of useful numbers.
  • These last 3 elements are fundamental in the case of destination weddings of course, as clearly your guests would be far from home and don’t know the place where the celebrations are taking place.For theme weddings instead, the wedding welcome bags could have inside items that remind of the theme of the wedding itself.Furthermore, a very nice idea is to have a Wedding Welcome Bag for the kids!

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Weddings for them are usually very boring, so letting them have something to do with colour books and rubber stamps in a small bag, together with candies, soap bubbles and small games will definitely make a big difference for them, will make them happy and keep them busy during the day.

So, green light to any ideas: CREATIVITY is the keyword!

If you are running out of them though, and even if you are just looking for suggestions for your wedding, I will be happy to help.

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Dalila Azzurra Giordano