The magic of a winter wedding

Often many couples choose to get married in the hottest months of the year, but there is a raising trend and it involves getting married in winter. This is what I will talk to you about today.

First of all let me say that winter has a special atmosphere and unique landscapes, both with or without the snow; sometimes the landscape is white due to the ace and that creates the magic you cannot find in other months, which adds some character to your photo shooting.

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You can be sure that nobody, first of all the bride and the groom, will suffer for the heat and the hot temperatures and you won’t have the unknown element of the weather as your reception will happen indoor anyway.

The bride can wear whatever dress she prefers as the venue will have heating on but at the same time she could decide to wear fur, wool and precious details.

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There will be more available venues, their staff will also be more dedicated and careful, the waiting list will be shorter and prices lower as it is low season.

As a Wedding Designer I would suggest you to go for a location which emphasises its winter charm.

Even if you celebrate it indoors, it is still possible to make the winter magic stand out with lights, candles, crystals, snow flakes and cotton flowers.

I mean… can you imagine such an entrance:

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I don’t know you, but I find it spectacular.

And also the following option looks pretty impressive:

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On the tables, you can create solutions like this one:

  • colder and more wintery

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  • Or warmer as this one

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Obviously here the lighting makes a difference!

I hope this blog post was useful and that you will benefit from it.

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