The role of the bridesmaid

Today we are going to talk about the bridesmaids, those gorgeous girls who usually attend to the bride in smart dresses on the day of a wedding.

Perhaps not everyone knows that the tradition of having bridesmaids at weddings stems from the Ancient Egypt, where the bride’s friends dressed like her to beguile evil spirits who wished to harm her.

The tradition wants the bridesmaids to be in even number up to a maximum of 8 or 12, in case of very wealthy families.


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The maid of honour instead is only one and has a very specific task.
Let’s see now what she should do and what she should avoid:


  • Wear a dress with colours in sync with the wedding’s colour palette;
  • Being of emotional support to the bride;
  • Being the bride’s main personal assistant and help her shop for her wedding dress, choose the Church and write the wedding participations;
  • Organise the Hen’s Party;
  • Coordinate the bridesmaids;
  • Spend with the bride the night before the wedding;
  • Check that everything is under control during the day of the marriage;
  • Bring with her an ‘emergency kit’;
  • Hold the bride’s bouquet and gloves during the wedding ceremony
  • Welcome all the guests to the venue
  • Adjust the bride’s dress and veil when needed.WHAT NOT-TO DO
  • Stand above the bride;
  • Wear white or black;
  • Complain about the dress that the bride chose for her;
  • Lack in attention to details;


In the Italian tradition, the bridesmaids walk up the isle preceding the bride in the wedding procession if they are children, they follow her and hold the train if they are adults.

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But…how about if you hire a Wedding Planner? Well, in that case your maid of honour will fully enjoy your wedding with you, without the burden of all the organisation.

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