The pros and cons of Christmas Wedding

We know that Christmas is the most wonderful and awaited time of the year. Just picture it: a light snowfall coming down, the entire magic atmosphere that recalls a fairy tale, the time spent with family, holidays… so why not having your dream come true at this time of the year and transform your wedding into a winter wonderland?

Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of choosing this time for your wedding.

Read on to see the best features that Christmas weddings have to offer!

  • Cheerfulness: we know that this time of the year is the best one to bring family and friends together under the same roof. Everybody is happier and more willing to celebrate. And because happiness is contagious, fun is guaranteed!

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  • Season décor: not only does it add warmth, Christmas décor consists of nature and evergreens—an appropriate symbol for an ever-growing marriage! Decorate with holly or mistletoe in your venue to give the wedding an added romantic twist.
  • Your guests availability: if you get married over the Christmas period and New Year, you’ll find that many people have taken time off work in any case so it will be easier for them to attend your special event
  • Memorable time: your wedding will be remembered forever

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  • Let It Snow: a light dusting of snow makes any photograph romantic. A few glistening snowflakes will just add that extra light that will reflect on the bride’s dress, making her glow (and feel) like an angel!

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  • Glitters: if you are a fun, this is definitely your moment to show it!

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Here’s instead the scoop on what to watch out for if you decide to stick with a Christmas wedding date!

  • Costs:
    Think of it this way: This time of the year sees a higher demand for venues than during other months, therefore you might find it more difficult to book your special place if you don’t do it in advance, and the same could be with any suppliers you might want to use. Because of the high demand, also the costs you will have to deal with might be higher. This adds up when finances are already pulled tight around the holiday season!
  • Style & Decorations:
    If you fear that the Christmas theme can overpower your wedding and prefer something different, you might though struggle to find enough material for alternative décor than the Christmas typical ones.


If despite all you wish to get married during Christmas time, we strongly suggest you to avoid days like 24th, 25th and 26th and we invite you to send a “save the date” long in advance in order to inform your guests of your event sooner rather than later.

How about you take care of the Pros and we will deal with the Cons?

Dalila Azzurra Giordano 

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