Take a peek at the biggest wedding dress trends for 2018

Hands up those who’ve not been dreaming about their wedding dress since their childhood! Feeling like a princess on the wedding day is a very common dream for the most of the women since they were young little ladies. No matter which style we are (the romantic one, the country or the boho), we have all been looking forward to this moment, so let’s go and find out all the trends for 2018 as there’s really something for everyone.

To quote Miranda Priestley in the celebrated movie The Devil Wears Prada, “Florals? For spring? Ground breaking!” It could seem obvious but 3D Florals is the big player next season, adding a unique touch to your dress.








photo by: sposi magazine.it


Crop Top is still fashionable, and perfect if you want to look elegant, simple but impeccable at the same time








photo by:Rosa Clara’


If you were thinking of adding a Boho touch to your look, this year you can count on feathers which will definitely make you the star of your special day!








photo by: cafeweb.it


The Cinderella dress par excellence. In one word: sparkling! Glitters will make your dress shining even on a rainy and cloudy day, giving you a unique and unrivalled light.

photo by: Pour Femme


For the most audacious, the slit allows your delicate charm to stand out and will add a sensual feel to your dress.








photo by: Pour femme

But this is not all! Next season will also see: frills, black for those who cannot give up on it, Boho sleeves, the cloak, pearl decorations, corset wedding gown and the fabric wrapping around the upper arms. So you just have to visit the bridal studio, choose your dreams dress and if you wish so, I will be there to share with you that important moment.

Dalila Azzurra Giordano

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